From students and parents.

"Wendy is a wonderful guitar tutor. She has been teaching me for 2 years and during this time she has always been patient and encouraging. Wendy has a depth of musical understanding which she clearly conveys on a range of aspects, from chords to rhythms".

"Wendy has calmly inspired me to make progress over the years. She has adapted different songs so I can play music I enjoy, at a level I can easily access. I would recommend Wendy without hesitation as she is highly skilled and professional music tutor".

from Lorraine

"Wendy is what I would call a naturally musical person. She understands music and knows how to put it together. She even spent time with me to help me understand all the knobs and buttons on my amplifier so I would get a better sound! I think that’s what makes her a great teacher".

"She can break things down and help you achieve your goals. Also, it’s important to say that you can tell Wendy what you would like to learn and she will focus on getting you there. She’s lovely, patient, experienced and can work with you at any level".

from Julie

"Wendy is an amazing musician and guitar tutor. She started teaching me guitar at ten years old and was always very chilled and understanding. She is accommodating when it comes to learning different musical genres and will teach the songs that you want to learn. With her patience and understanding I would recommend her to anyone".
from Ciaran

"Wendy first started teaching Max the guitar when he was nine, at that point he couldn’t play at all. Now 4 years later he is a very confident and competent guitar player".

"Wendy has a lovely way about her that is so inspiring and it really rubs off on her pupils. She is patient and explains everything in a way children can relate to".

"I would definitely recommend her to anyone who has a child who wants to learn the guitar".

from Kerry and Max

"Wow Wendy is amazing. She engaged with my son enthusing his music with both drum and guitar lessons". "He really looked forward to his time with Wendy". "He decided to stop lessons as his swimming took over, but he still “strums” and Wendy continues to help with sourcing plectrums and instruments".

"Wendy is a little gem". "A very special lady, we love her music too". "My favourite is "Stop looking down on me".

from Zoe

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