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Developing musical creativity and self-expression for autistic / ADHD participants.
Completed Project supported by Arts Council England - 2021.
This project was working to support children and adults with their creative development either in person or online, using an approach that supports artists as individuals and works to build on strengths.
I created and produced a new booklet and YouTube videos especially for this course and which have been used to aid multi-sensory creative development.
Playing music on guitar or other instruments and singing is both positive and rewarding and gives a mindful focus, helping to relieve anxiety. My sessions help with relaxation and wellbeing, as well as developing creativity and self-expression. This project is now finished and I have received many highly positive comments from both students and parents. See feedback comments below.

Denise said:"It is a blessing that we have found you, obviously it's about the creative development session, but it goes so much further for Ethan, it's about having a friendship with somebody he can trust, and where he can be himself, and learn at his own speed and not be frowned upon for it".

"You understand autism, therefore you understand Ethan, so he could not ask for more”.

“By the end of the first session, he had stopped stimming, his leg was still and he was comfortable with you, engaging with you. That was a huge mountain to climb in such a small amount of time, and was fantastic to watch”.
Updated - 24 December 2021
2020 - New Anglia Visitor Economy Grant Scheme, part funded by the European Regional Development Fund (previous project).
To help more children and adults to learn guitar online, with a particular interest in helping autistic people, dyslexic people and other neurodivergent students, using an approach that supports people as individuals.
The equipment upgrade significantly improved the sound for online lessons and video production quality, which encouraged people to learn guitar and supported their online learning with me during the lockdown and beyond. I also produced many videos for my YouTube channel to help students, some of these are available to the public, via the link below.
Wendy's Guitar Lessons and Music YouTube Channel