Lesson aims and content.

My aim is to help and encourage my students to learn guitar, practical musicianship and develop their ear for music and listening, with expert guidance.

Students will progress at their own speed through the various levels of learning, every student is treated as an individual and will be taught in a happy, comfortable environment, either at their own home or at their school.

Learning is also allowed to involve creativity and be fun.

A very brief summary of lesson content is listed below.
Introduction: for the complete beginner, open string names, holding the guitar, naming parts on the guitar, etc…

Level 1: (Basic Skills) learning the easiest chords, strumming simple rhythms, changing chords and playing a few easy songs with these chords and ear training skills, 12 bar blues etc.

Level 2: Harder chords and same as above at a progressively more difficult level. Simple scales and, starting simple improvisation.

Level 3: More difficult chords, harder improvisation, blues guitar solos, different styles of music, reggae, country, funk, pop, power chords, rock and grunge, more complex rhythms.

Level 4: Some more unusual chords and songs using these chords, again as above but more difficult.

Level 5: Barre chords for E shape chords and variations.

Level 6: Barre chords for A shape chords and variations.

Level 7: The CAGED pattern, folk fingerpicking etc.

Further advanced Levels: more unusual chords, not often used in pop or rock, but more in jazz, modes and further improvisation.

Each level will be revisited until learning is consolidated.

Throughout the lessons I will work on ear training, technique, practical musicianship and theory and also give advice regarding practicing.